What Will Premier Truck Group Fleet Services Do For You?

Reports and Record Retention

Maintaining records and reports for audit purposes can be meticulous and expensive, but it is a very important part of your business. Let Premier Truck Group Fleet Services manage these documents for you. We keep electronic images and hard copies of inspection paperwork and invoices as well as registration and insurance information on file for you to view. Using this information, we audit your DOT records and create cost-saving reports on a regular basis, leaving you free to manage other important areas in your business.

Fleet Maintenance Administration

Vehicle maintenance can be time consuming and frustrating, but Premier Truck Group Fleet Servicesí specialists can create customized inspection checklists for your vehicles' needs, ensure their use and even schedule the appointments with your vendors so you donít have to. We will remind you when your vehiclesí next service is due and in the event of repairs we will research the unit information for details such as warranty coverage and repair history so you can rest knowing your fleet is kept in top working condition.

Breakdown Management

One of the most inconvenient events you will face is the break-down of a vehicle between stops. Premier Truck Group Fleet Services is available 24 / 7 / 365 to resolve these problems. We will gather all the necessary information from your drivers and make sure they are safe before contacting vendors for repairs. We will continually follow-up with both parties until your vehicles are back on the road. It's our way of making sure your fleet can operate as worry-free as possible.

Additional Services

We maintain a database that tracks all of the units in your fleet and their details including tire size, mechanical specifications and manufacturer information. Our relationships with these vehicle and equipment manufacturers ensure that you will get the lowest possible cost for repairs and services. Even so, our trained professionals will review every invoice we process to confirm that pricing is in line with expectations so you can have the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your business is in good hands.