Additional Services

Premier Truck Group Fleet Services keeps an extensive database of all the units in your fleet including the following information:

  • Year, Make, and Model
  • VIN and License Information
  • Engine Make and Model
  • Transmission Make and Model
  • Tire size(s) and details
  • Vehicle Weight
  • Current Meter Readings (Odometer, Hub Meter, Hour Meter
  • Fluid Information (Oil, Fuel Type, etc.)
  • Scheduling Details for Maintenance Services
  • In-Service Date
  • Information on Remaining Warranty
  • Lease or Purchase Cost Details
  • After Market Additions (Including Date Added and Item Warranty)
  • Driver Details
  • Unit Assignment/Location Information (Branch/Regional Information, Address, Branch/Area Managers or Contacts, etc.)
  • Any additional details you would like such as vehicle documentation

As a part of Premier Truck Group, PTG Fleet Services has a vast list of contacts with vehicle and component manufacturers available to ensure that warranty repairs are handled as worry-free as possible. Because of the relationships we have built with these vendors, we are able to work closely with them to get repairs covered under "workmanship warranty" to ensure you fleet is repaired with the best possible cost to you.