Breakdown Management

In the unfortunate event that one of your vehicles breaks down, you can count on PTG Fleet Services to get your fleet back in service as quickly as possible. We are available all day, every day, all year long — including holidays — to receive emergency calls from your drivers. Our representatives are thoroughly trained to collect information about the problem, diagnose the issue, and dispatch a repair service immediately.

PTG Fleet Services maintains an extensive list of vendors we have used for repairs previously with notes on their efficiency, cost, customer service, and quality of work. We actively use this information to bring you the best possible experience, even in the worst of circumstances.

Once we've contacted someone to repair or tow your vehicle, we maintain regular contact with your driver (or any other point of contact you'd prefer) and the vendor we've dispatched. We want to make sure that everyone's promised deadlines are being met, so when a repair service says they'll be there in one hour, we call your driver at that hour mark to make sure help has arrived. If it hasn't, we contact the vendor to check on the delay and to ensure someone is still en route and ready to get your vehicles back in service. If help has arrived, we will continue to check in with your driver until completion to make sure everything is going smoothly and to see if PTG Fleet Services can offer any additional help.

When repairs are complete, we ensure your driver doesn't have to deal with any of the details. PTG Fleet Services will collect and archive any invoices or additional paperwork and, once we've had a chance to review the bill for accuracy and fair cost. we handle all the details of payment so that neither you nor your driver will have to worry about anything.

PTG Fleet Services offers the best, most efficient way to keep your fleet running smoothly.