Reports and Record Retention

We are dedicated to making sure there are detailed records kept for all of the services we manage for you. Any time we pay a bill, we require that an invoice is sent in; if a preventive maintenance service or an annual DOT inspection is performed, we will also require the checklist for that inspection is sent to us before anything is paid and we collect and scan any additional documentation that is sent to us, like estimates or quotes. All of this is scanned into an electronic format (.pdf) and is made available to you at any time for online viewing.

In addition to posting these documents online for you to view, PTG Fleet Services uses all of this information to generate reports for a variety of uses. This includes:

  • Preventative Maintenance Due / Past-Due
  • Federal DOT Annual Inspection Due / Past-due
  • Cost Per Mile
  • Lease Expiration
  • License Expiration
  • Registration Expiration
  • 18 Month Repair History
  • Accrual Reports
  • Savings Lost Opportunity Reports

All of this makes sure managing your fleet is as easy and as effective as possible for you.