Fleet Maintenance Administration

One of the most critical areas of managing a fleet is vehicle maintenance. Proper maintenance of your fleet saves you money by ensuring less future problems with your vehicles and by preventing breakdowns that frustrate you and your customers. PTG Fleet Services offers a wide variety of solutions to assist with your fleet maintenance administration.

We will customize inspection checklists for your preventive maintenance needs and we will ensure they are used every time your vehicles go in for service. this allows you to make sure the vendors that are performing maintenance on your vehicles are giving you the best service possible and meeting your standards of safety and quality. We will also set up a schedule for your fleet's maintenance and remind you via email when your vehicles' next services are due. PTG Fleet Services will even schedule service appointments with your vendors so you can keep focused on providing for your customers.

In the event that repairs are needed, we will research your vehicle's repair history and warranty coverage to see that you're not paying for anything you shouldn't be. If warranty coverage is found to be applicable, PTG Fleet Services will see that everything is filed correctly. In the event that you feel repairs should be covered under warranty, we will intervene to contact the equipment manufacturers to request policy coverage.

If problems arise that have been worked on previously, our maintenance administrators will speak with the shop that performed the original work to see why the problem is arising again and make sure the new repairs are viewed as rework at no additional charge. We will work hard to make sure your fleet stays running at the lowest possible cost to you.